All About Me

James K.
9th Grade
May 2, 2014
Mrs. Edwards
Hunt High School
Project Purpose: Become more familiar with a potential career and a college that would allow me to get this degree.
Sources:, vacareer, and

Career Information

A physical educator job is to teach students about their health and get them fit. It teaches kids and other people how to be successful, kind, and to be a persevere. At the end of the day everybody learned a lesson and had fun doing it. I wanted to pursue this career because I like helping kids and playing sports. My dream is to become a basketball or football player.

job salary

The beginning salary for a physical ed teacher is $35,020 a year. The average salary for them are $51,380. If you are more experienced and work for a long time you will be getting the highest pay check, which is $83,230.

How long will it take and What degree

All teacher must have a minimum of a bachelors degree. I also must have a degree in Health and Physical Education. It may take me 7 years from now because I must go to a 4 year college. The classes I may take is Kinesiology, Exercise Physiology, Health and Wellness classes.

College Information

The college I want to attend is the University of Georgia. That's located in Athens, GA. The tuition price there is $23,062 on the campus with all living expenses. If you want to live off campus then it would cost $41,272. The ratio for the student and faculty of this school is 18:1. Three other colleges that ave this degree is Alabama State University, Auburn University, and Florida State University. High school Chemistry is required to attend to UGA and it will be required to earn a degree. The minimum GPA for UGA is 3.5.

Plan B

If that don't work, then their are 3 more degree I'm able to get. The 3 degree's are Kinesiology, Sports Administration, and Art. Some classes that I may take is Aerobics, Fitness/Conditioning, and Weight Training.

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