The North Star

By: Deanna Mun and Joy Lee


          Our design depicts a North Star, the brightest star in the constellation Ursa Minor. It is a multiple star, consisting the following star. Graph one suppose to be a main star called Alpha UMi Aa. Graph two is a smaller companion star called Alpha UMi B. Graph three is a second smaller companion star called Alpha UMi Ab. Graph four is a distant component star called Alpha UMi C. Graph five is a second distant component star called Alpha UMi B.

self reflection

A) We experimented mathmatically when we were trying to figure out first how each equation looked in harmony with eachother. Experimenting with different types of rose equations and the length of petals along with number of petals. Looking at the overall picture on how everything could be in sync with eachother, we realized that making the rose graphs differentiate in size and intertwine while having the lemnescates small and circles to hold everything together.

B) While we were completing the assignment, we learned that exhibiting originality, complexity and creativity was not the easiest thing to do considering that most polar graph designs end up looking all the same with the similar design of loops and twists. The more complex you make it, the more confusing, but when polar equations are balanced perfectly, you can get a perfectly harmonized design concealing sophistication and simplicity.

C) We enjoyed working on this assignment mainly because its a fun way to experiment and to learn more without having to do boring calculations. Pre-calculus  is not the most creative class but assignments like these help the individual explore the more expressive side to the brain. Having these projects once in a while releases that tight tension you get from calculating too much. Being able to express your other half in particular made this assignment enjoyable as well as a great learning experience.

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