52 IN 52

- 52 Albums that shaped me - 1 a week in 2014 - Arbitrary order -
- Because it's a really cool idea (from @rkelly216) -

No Joy - Ghost Blonde

First off - Dropped the ball on weekly posting - So playing some serious catch-up. That being said, this next album is relatively new in terms of albums that "shaped" me. I plan on being shaped by music till I'm gone, so why not some recent music that's really turned my head.

I first stumbled onto No Joy surfing music videos off some blog a few years back. The video for "Hawaii" really caught my eye. Buried under this bizarre (NSFW) clip of a strange mud-soaked romp in the woods was this feedback-riddled noise sliced apart by haunting echoed vocals. At least for the first half anyway. The song decays into beautiful rhythm-less noise that sways in and out for another 2 minutes.

I instantly dug around for more songs, eventually grabbing this 2010 gem. The whole album is full of fantastic noise (reminiscent of some of my favorite Sonic Youth sound). "Heedless", "Maggie, I Love You", and "Still" are some stand-outs, but the whole album is pretty fantastic. A blend of straight ahead 'rock' energy gives way to a droning wall of sound and back again...

This album really kickstarted a new wave of music discovery for me as I started with other bands on the Mexican Summer label - branching out from there to find some of my all-time favorites over the past four years (and I'm sure a few more will grace this list of 52...). Check out "Hawaii" below to see what started this modern musical adventure.

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