Daily Life in Ancient Rome

With Food and Nutrition

Currently in Rome, a father and a son have a respectful relationship, but the daughter has no freedom. The father is the ruler of the household, and will be until the daughter is married. If the daughter wishes to go to the market, she requires an escort. Whenever she wants to marry, the father has to choose if the groom, was worthy of being a husband. Every Roman also needs to eat! A suggestion for meals of the day: elders can drink wine. A nice breakfast is cheese, fruit, and bread with milk for a beverage. Lunch could have some different options, like fish in addition to fruit and cheese. Every Roman person likes to save food, so if there are leftovers from a previous meal, they shall use it for the next one. Waste from food should be left on the floor. Local residents give some feedback: "Maybe people should be more civilized, but I think it’s fun throwing food on the ground."

Food and Nutrition

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