Wicker Park

Delaney G. Bridie Owz. P.9 1/16qaa

Wicker park is a town located in Chicago bounded by Ashland and Westerville Aves to the East and West. The North and South bound streets are Bloomingdale and Division Street. Some attractions you may find in wicker park include, classy shops, botiques, cafés, cute antique shops, beautiful churches, and delicious restaurants. The history of Wicker Park starts with Germans and Norwegians coming to Wicker Park to start a family. The population grew vastly after the Great Fire of 1871. Throughout periods between 1870 and the 1960's families settled here. Around the 70's Mexican and Hispanics began living there. Today, Wicker Park has become home to many hipsters and younger adults along with some families.

If you want to visit the chilliest town of Chicago & see where the hipsters hang, Wicker Park is where you'll want to be!