The Strategy of Turkey Hunting

  Have you ever wondered about going turkey hunting, or what it is like? I can tell you it is very aggravating to try to kill a weary turkey. I'm not talking about a pen turkey either. I'm talking about a beautiful, smart, wild turkey.

      First things first.1. YOU HAVE TO KNOW GUN SAFETY! 2. YOU HAVE TO KNOW GUN SAFETY! Once you know this, you can get down to the basics. 3. You need to learn how to use a turkey call, you can get a step by step video for this or have a person who already knows how to use a turkey call show you, make sure you know when to use the call. 4. Then you need  a place to hunt. 5. After you have a place to hunt, you need to make sure you have turkeys. 6. Turkey season in Alabama starts March 15th and ends the last day of April, make sure you know the season. You need to have either a 12, 16, or a 20 gauge shotgun, it is illegal to shoot a turkey with a rifle.      

     You also need to know how to hunt a turkey. For a beginner, you need to learn how to tell a gobbler from a hen turkey. You can only shoot gobblers. Gobblers have a long beard and they gobble. They also fan out. Hens are illegal to shoot. First, before season scout for a field that turkeys are feeding in. Then set up a ground blind. Put a hen decoy about 20 yards from the blind in the field. Any hen decoy will do as long as it is your species. During turkey season when you are able to go hunting, get in your blind with all of your calls, gun and etc. Get into your blind about 5 minutes before the break of day. Don't call until you know it is time to call. Stay as late as you want to, if you hear a turkey, just stay where you are because later in the morning he should come to your field to feed. Call only every 15 or 20 minutes.

     Another way you can turkey hunt which doesn't call for as many things is a hear and chase type of strategy . When it starts to break day, make owl sounds. Once you make a call, be silent and listen to see if a turkey gobbles. When you make an owl call, wait 1 to 1 1/2 minutes before you do it again, or whenever you feel like. If you hear a turkey and you know the direction he is, go towards him and sit against a tree about 80 to 100 yards from where you think it is. Since you know how and when to call because of the video, call when it is time. If he see's you move at all, he is gone. Turkey's are smart too. Don't wear anything but camouflage.

     You need to know what type of shot to use. #5 is a great size shot for turkey's. When you shoot a turkey, aim for the neck right where the skin meets the feathers. The farthest shot recommended for turkey's  is 40 yards.

    Remember, these birds are so smart that even though you do everything right, you have a good chance of coming home empty. So Remember it takes a whole lot of patience, lots of faith, and a little bit of luck to get a weary Tom.

      This top photo from is a picture of a wild gobbler turkey.                                               

This picture from is a picture of 3 hen turkeys.

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