52 In 52

The 52 Albums that define my love for music

Week 31/Album 31

face to face: "Don't Turn Away"

When: Late 1993

Why:  1,2,1,2,3,4!   From the opening 6 seconds to the last words on this record, its non-stop. While Bad Religion was my core introduction to west coast punk rock, Face To Face was the band that made me obsess about it.  I first heard about F2F after running into my friend Kyle Smith (who would introduce me to a lot of new music during these years) in the mall. He had a F2F shirt on and told me about them and that I should check them out. So I ordered the CD from Record Exchange and from the first time I pressed play I was sold.  The quick but fun music was what originally had me, but after a couple listens, the words and sing-alongs are what led me to become a lifetime fan. This record pushed me further into my addiction to west coast punk. Plus, Trevor Keiths words were aimed at men and every kid my age, and they all made sense.

Where: I've seen F2F over 10 times at least, but the best F2F show was at the old Euclid Tavern in '95 (or '96...I think), with Hagfish and Wax (I think it was Wax, but may have been someone else but I definitely saw them with Wax at some point)  Nate and I sang our guts out so much that their new bass player Scott thanked us after the show.


While I don't really consider myself a F2F purist, but this is my favorite album that they ever did. Maybe it's because it was just a 3 piece and under produced, but there is just a much more raw feeling to this album than Big Choice, or their s/t. (the newer records are ok, but never could come close to those 3)

This record means a lot to me because I also learned how to really play punk rock drums by listening to it. I would play along to this record so much that even my air drumming would catch on with my friends. It got to a point where my friend Junior and I would be able to air-drum this entire record and it was just about correct. Those are some of the best memories of my days in high school.  This album resonated with all of my friends through out those years, and probably still holds up with all of them now.  

Face to Face changed a lot over the years. The original band members left the band, and their front man Trevor, is the only original member left.  While they are still fun to see live, and sing along to, the magic of Face to Face has passed.  In the mid-2000's I decided that I was going to never forget those years, and how much Face To Face meant to me during this period of my life, so I got their band's logo tattooed on me. It wasn't the first band logo I had tattooed, but their impression was lasting in how I played the drums so I felt it warranted a place with me forever.  So, thank you Face To Face for your songs, and for the great times I've had and will have with them.  

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