Standing up to Society

Connection of article to short story:

The short story, Harrison Bergeron, connects to this article on the ban of reading the Bible in school because both Harrison Bergeron and Giovanni Rubeo take action against the restrictions placed upon them in their society. In Harrison Bergeron, Harrison takes a stand against all of the limiting 'handi-caps' he must bear including weights and a mask. He claims that these handicaps are depriving him and society from their full potential. Like Harrison, Giovanni takes a stand with his father and attorney claiming that restricting him from reading the Bible is against his rights as a human. In both stories a common theme includes the need for change and having the guts to act first.

Connection of short story, song, and current event to Fahrenheit 451:

All three of these pieces connect to 451 in that they share a common theme of standing up for what you believe in and attempting to resolve the situation. All of the protagonist in the stories relate to one another through being the first to step up and realize it's time for a change. In Harrison Bergeron, Harrison steps up at the dance recital and displays his full potential that was recently unveiled. In the current event Giovanni calls his attorney in the pursuit of seeking his freedom of religious beliefs and practices. In Michael Jackson's song he shows his fans that he has noticed the struggles in society and by writing this song he stepping up and calling others to help. Montag in 451 is driven to clarity by Clarisse who makes him see that "he was not happy"(9). He stands up to society by trying to stop the injustices of burning books, and he will "keep going"(120), until justice is served.

Make the change.

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