The Earths Atmosphere

The earth has five layers in its atmosphere the exosphere, thermosphere,mesosphere, stratosphere and the troposphere.

the exosphere is the very top part of the earths atmosphere it stats 33,000,000 off the ground and continue into space the exosphere is where we are able to see the northen lights tempertures are about 500 degrees c to 932 degrees farrenhitte

the thermosphere can reach temperauture from 360 degrees f to 900 degrees f it is right below the exosphere and is the part of the atmosphere where space shuttles are able to fly with out boost

the mesosphere is where we are able to see the meteor showers it is above the ozone layer and can reach temperature from -130 c to 0 degrees celices

the stratosphere is where the ozone layer is and can reach temperature from 0 degrees to 120 degrees farenhitte

the troposphere is where weather happens and where jets fly it can reach temperatures from 0degrees to 1305 degrees farenhitte

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