Your very own prescription!
2/4/15 #SJSReports

Lately Obama has been pushing for a new health care plan that personalizes medicine. This is called presonalized medicine. Medicine nowadays takes a "one size fits all" aproach, were a medicine is perscribed for what will help most patients. This has its possitives, such as being able to mass produce one type of medicine and being cheaper, but it also has its down sides, like not working for everybody, or a doctor not being to get the right perscription for an obscure set of symptoms. To help this project, a new team of researchers is trying to assemble a team of 1 million vollunteers. They are planning to study these volunteers to learn more about how their environment an DNA contributes to their health. As a consequence of this, medicine may get more expensive, as will have to be made specifically for each person, but we won't know until the program becomes public.

My own video about precision medicine.

A news broadcast about how this could help cancer treatments.