Pegasus and Bellaraphon

By: Davis Markham and Allison Eith

He is asked to kill Chimera and is told to find Pegasus in his dream to kill the creature. When Bellaraphon awakes in front of him is a golden bridal that is placed on Pegasus. Bellaraphon killed Chimera by hitting Chimera in the side with an arrow. But Bellaraphon wanted more glory so he tried to ride to Olympus on Pegasus's back. Bellaraphon was flung off of Pegasus's back after Pegasus was bitten by a fly Zeus had sent.


Be happy with what you have and do not get too greedy

-Pegasus Airline is a low cost airline that is head quartered in Turkey.

-Bellaraphon Ship is a 74 gun third rate ship of the line of Royal Navy. That was destroyed in 1836.

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