Isaac Newton

1642 - 1726

Born: December 25, 1642

Died: March 20, 1726

Lived in: Wooslthorpe, Lincolnshire, England

Nationality: English (later British)

Physical Appearance: skinny, long curly gray hair, brown eyes

Personality Traits: in boyhood; had an aggressive behavior, as an adult; laughed, was pleasant, reclusive, was always absorbed in thought

Education background

  • Got pulled out of school at age 12 to become a farmer
  • In 1661 enrolled in work study at Cambridge (this was when the scientific revolution of the 17th century was in full force)
  • In 1665 the Great Plague shut down the University of Cambridge; returned again in 1667


  • One of the most influential figures to science in history
  • In 1665 he discovered calculus and obtained his bachelors degree
  • Earned his Masters of Art Degree in 1669 -  soon after resumed the chair of Barrow at Cambridge as a professor of mathematics until 1701
  • In 1669 was promoted Mastership of the Mint; a title he held the rest of his life
  • In 1670's he discovered that a prism can decompose white light into a spectrum of colors
  • Published "Principia" in 1687; Experienced gravity with a falling apple at this time too
  • Was president of the Royal Society and was associated with the French Academie des Sciences

Facts about Newton

  • Studied the Bible to find scientific information
  • Wrote more about the Bible than physics, science, and mathematics
  • Invented the first reflecting telescope
  • Created his 3 laws of motion
  • Instituted the policy of minting (manufacturing) coins with milled edges

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