i love my baby brother he is so cute i love you jace

March 3 - 5 at weedend ant at school

jace full a sleepy in the car to see his and my mom to see her boyfriend so we went to pick up Monique's boyfriend to

i did have my boyfriend in class with me in 7 period we like to be together but i miss at see him at school i love you Clemente yzaugirre

March 4 in class 7 period class->

i love my boyfriend so so so so so so much and i miss him so so so so so much will can i said i love you to clemenet i got so so so so so happy to be with him i dont want to lost him march 3-6-14

i <3 u Clemente you are the best boyfriend never i love you for at i think about him all today all night i miss you clemente yzuagirre i love you with all my heart march 3-6-14

clemente i love all my teddy beat for me i love them i got so happy to see him i miss him so so so so much i was all busy at my house i dont see him it make me sad i love him so so so so so much him at the weedend

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