One day in the Oval Office, I went to use the bathroom. The bathroom was dark at the time and the light wasn't working so I couldn't see much. After I was done doing my business I walked out and something was wrong. I forgot to flush. I went back in and flushed it and something weird happened. I didn't know what happened for sure but I felt something happen. The White House started to break down into tiny little particles and before everything happened I saw a sign with a few words on it saying "T e a i " I blinked and everything was different. The sky was an orange like color, vehicles were wrecked on the side of the road, the road and the sidewalks were chipped and very badly damaged, and I was no longer in The White House. I looked around very confused observing everything and I saw someone walking by. I asked them where I was and they began to speak another language. It sounded kind of like Spanish. Well, it was a good thing I took a Spanish class in high school. "¿Dónde estoy?" (Where am I?) I asked. He said "Esto es México" (This is Mexico) then stared at me like I was crazy. He walked away very slowly then stopped in his path. I heard a few gunshots that sounded like they were of some distance away. He ran off very quickly and I did the same. As we were running I ran past a newspaper office and I read on a newspaper 1847. I thought back to when I was in the bathroom and when everything descenerated. I thought back to a sign that I saw and I started to think about it a little. I just then got it. It said "'Tea Time,'" wait.. "Time Machine, it had to have said that." The newspaper also said "San Antonio, New Mexico." I stood there thinking for a few seconds. "Wait... doesn't the... Mexican.. Spanish war take place... here?" I ran quickly over to the man who I talked to and he was inside of a clothing store called "Vestir." (Dress Up) It was very dusty and looked like it used to be a bright orange and red. There was nothing on the stocks and it looked like there was a zombie apocalypse going on. I saw a door in the back so I went and opened it and saw a staircase leading downward. I went down it to see a bunch of food and people. I asked them what was going on and to my surprise they spoke English. "What are you doing down here, one of them said?" I looked at him very thoroughly to see that he was someone who I learned about in school. William Alexander Anderson "Bigfoot" Wallace was his name. He was a famous Texas Ranger who was a big part in the Mexican-American war. He was wearing a fedora and had on a gray suit with not tie. William asked "Are you not the talking type?" "Uhh I just had a few questions about something that I was going to ask your friend. Am I not allowed to be down here?" I replied. "No, it's fine." I didn't know if I should tell them if I was from the future because of all the stuff I saw and heard about messing up the "time space continuum." I asked them what their names were and they said Maria, Francisco, William, and Kevin. They all dressed alike but the only difference was 2 of them were wearing stars and that would be William and Francisco. I'm guessing they were police officials or something but I asked "Is there any way you could help me get in contact with the president. I need a favor from him." "Well.. I could get you a ride over there but it would be about 9 days away," Francisco said. I remembered something about a guy named Francisco. He was the leader of Mexico. I could be getting mixed up with someone else though. I accepted his offer and got to Washington, DC in 11 days. I got to the president. To my surprise it was James K. Polk. I wasn't really surprised to see him since I know my presidents. "Mr. President, sir, may I come in? I have some something really important I need to ask you." I asked. "Sure, come right in." President Polk said. I walked in and got straight to the point. "Well uh.. I kind of time traveled from 2015.. Is there any way you could get me a time machine?" I asked. "What is a 'Time Machine?'" He asked. "It's a machine that um.. takes you back into the future or the past. What I'm basically saying is that I'm from the year of 2015." I started speaking calmly as if I was friends with Mr. Polk. "How would we make a time machine?" He said. "Very good point. I never really thought about that. I just know how to make it with.. Um... With.." I paused. "You don't know how to make one, do you?" Polk asked. "No, I don't." I replied. "Here, let me get in contact with one of my scientists." Polk said. We went to a shaft near The White House and there were a few people in there writing what looked like math equations on a board. "Hey guys, I need something called a 'time machine,'" Polk said, "my friend here needs one." "Well sadly, that isn't possible to make. What I, I mean we, have found was that to make something that takes us through time would need something called a 'flux capacitor.'" One scientist said. "And to continue what Daniel said there's nothing strong enough to power the flux capacitor that we have. We drained it all to try making our room glow in the dark." Another scientist said. "Yeah, what Parker said." Daniel said. Then a bunch of stuff came to my mind but none of it would be able to be made here without most of the stuff we need and I don't want to mess up time and space. So I just decided to stay in 1847 and just adapt to it. 3 years later I began working at The White House in 1850 like how I did back in my day. Then 6 years later a time machine was built and I caused the Industrial Revolution to happen early. I brought my time back with me. 1856 started to look like 2015. Although everything looked familiar, I never thought or acted the same. I was a new man, but I never forgot the day I was transported back into the past.

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