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Ed D. Kane has been known to make great music. You may not know his name but you definitely know his work. Kane received his first gold plaque for his writing abilities. His best accolade comes from Anthony Hamilton’s hit song Cool ft. David Banner off the Point of It All album. For his contribution to the song ASCAP recognized him with writers’ credit giving him his Gold under the name “Ashes Clay”. He did not stop there. When presented the opportunity his writing was used on the hit song Writing on the Wall also from Anthony Hamilton’s Grammy nominated album Back to Love.

Ed D. Kane was born Ramon Montgomery on February 21 in Asheville North Carolina. Growing up the oldest of 2 children and in poverty music was a means to escape the horrors of their reality. "Growing up poor music was all I had to keep a sense of hope.”

Kane and Hamilton met in Cosmetology school. The two were fast friends and bonded off of a mutual love for music. Kane fell out of touch with Hamilton and recalls seeing him again for the first time in years from the jailhouse television. (quote)

Currently Ed D. Kane is embarking on his own personal journey as an Artist. In August 2013, he released his into record Da Streets ft. Anthony Hamilton. This song was the first off Hamilton’s new music label Misters Music. We get a sense of his personal style and his own diverse way of depicting life from the eyes of a street soldier.

His first official single has just been released named NINO BROWN. He has placed a raw visual of the street mentality and brilliance in one song. He along with Anthony Hamilton will release the follow up song and video to his song Take it All. There is so much more to come from Ed D. Kane. Check him out on a Red Carpet event near you.


"One thing is certain, he chose wisely in making Ed D. Kane the first on his roster." He's creative...It drew my attention and it was very clever...

"With Ed D. Kane’s lyrics of the have-nots and Anthony Hamilton’s down home conviction, they will soon bring to the masses the word in the streets that will be unapologetically real and beautiful at the same time."

-The Hype Magazine.com  

"Hamilton...introduced his multifaceted protege Ed D. Kane while discussing how the two met in barber school — armed only clippers in their hands and dreams of music riches in their souls."


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