The Ear and Hearing Damage

Lesson Objectives:

Choose the odd one out for each box, below, and give a reason for your choice:

Let's see what Zane is up to today ...

Zane visits the Doctor...

Write down what an audiologist is in one sentence.

Reading the information above decide on two possible problems Zane could have. Ensure you give reasons for your choices.

Collect the blank diagram of the ear, from your teacher, and research the parts of the ear. Label the diagram with the parts.

Then in a different colour add the function (job) of each part of the ear.

Now you know more about the ear, you may have a better understanding of what is wrong with Zane. Copy the table below and complete it with the two MOST Likely causes of his hearing loss.

Choose another cause of hearing loss and write a brief paragraph to describe it.

Test your neighbour: give the description to your neighbour and see if they can identify the name of the condition you have given information about.

Test yourself: Copy each sentence starter, below, and come up with an ending for the sentence:

1. Your hearing gets worse as you get older because...

2. Lots of wax causes hearing loss because ...

3. A burst ear drum stops you hearing because ...

4. The nerve that carries information to the brain is called ...

5. Zane's hearing problems are probably caused by ...

One month later Zane visits the audiologist. She puts him in a soundproofed room and plays sounds through headphones to test the hearing in both his ears. Zane signals when he can hear a sound.

Find your hearing range too:

What is the highest frequency sound you can hear? Is your hearing better or worse than expected? Can you give a reason for your thinking?

Challenge: Research and write down why it is that hearing goes first with high frequency sounds as opposed to low frequency sounds.

Choose which sentences, below, are true and false. If they are true copy them as they are, if they are false correct them and write the correct version down.

The audiologist shows Zane his results from the hearing test. Explain to Zane, in NO MORE THAN 100 WORDS, what this graph is showing:

With your neighbour, share your explanations. Together come up with a best version (using the great parts of each of your explanations). Again, it must be NO longer than 100 words!

Zane is worried: what about his music career, is he going deaf?

Write the advice the audiologist would give him, you may need to do some research.

Extension: collect the sheet from your teacher about the hearing frequencies of different animals.

Look again at the lesson objectives, how have you done?

Write Three Golden Rules about Hearing Damage that you have learnt today:

Extension: In Britain some little shops play very high frequency sounds outside their shop. Why do you think this is?