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Featured Teacher: Chris Covey

Let's share about Chris' Math class and Plickers

First let me say when I walked into Chris' room, the students were scattered around the room fully engaged in groups.  I could hear Mrs. Covey's voice but I could not find her anywhere!  It took me at least a minute and a half to finally spot her working with a student.  No sage on the stage here- way to blend in with your students Chris!  Mrs. Covey's teacher led moments during this particular math lesson included direct instruction and to lead the class in using the technology based every pupil response system called Plickers.  Plickers is a great polling tool to gather immediate feedback for yourself and your students.  Plickers is free but you need a smart phone and you must download the free app.


The focus of today's math lesson was on subtraction. Chris opened her lesson by discussing the three strategies of subtraction: counting on, counting back, and using a 200s chart.  After whole group, the math curriculum suggests giving students time to pinch paper clips in order to generate different subtraction problems.  Being a responsive teacher, Mrs. Covey decided to tweak this by allowing her students to participate in "rounds" using various manipulatives set up around their room (counters, money, paper clips).  The teacher allocated about 15 minutes for the students to rotate through the rounds.  See the worksheet and how Chris changed it up a bit?

At the completion of the rounds, Chris instructed her students to return to their seats to complete their formative assessment independently.  

Since Chris wanted immediate feedback for herself and her students, she decided to utilize the free web tool called Plickers.  When you sign up for Plickers, the site will walk you through how to get started.  

To create a class, click on "classes".  Each plicker will be assigned to a student which you can use over and over again (It is suggested to laminate or print on cardstock).  In the "library" tab, you will create your question(s) which can be saved for future use.

Chris copied the questions from her paper and pencil formative assessment and assigned the correct answer- A, B, C, or D.  After you have set up your class and your question(s), click "cards" to generate your card.  The cards look like this:

When you are ready for your students to participate, open the program on your computer and the app on your smart phone.  Within the app, click "live view" for the question to display on the big board.  Once the students read the question, they hold up their plicker so the correct answer is on top.  The teacher then scans the room (it will show up on your phone like you are taking a video) to read each child's plicker. If you are holding your phone in landscape mode to capture the group as a whole, the students will need to hold the RIGHT answer facing their RIGHT side.  You will know the plicker was scanned when the students' name appears.  See the demo video?  In the demo video, the device is held in portrait, so the correct answer is held facing up.  

Once all students were accounted for, Chris revealed the correct choice and the answers each student picked- their named are not displayed, only a bar graph. Plickers will allow the teacher to look back to check individual answer choices.

To learn more about Plickers, visit  To read FAQs about Plickers, go to

Let's Reflect!

What do you think about Plickers?  Do you see yourself implementing plickers in an upcoming lesson or next year at some point?  If you would like me to come in to help use plickers with your class, just let me know!

Thank you Mrs. Covey!!