By: Cameron Suls


Physical courage-the ability and willingness to do something challenging or frightening

Moral courage-the ability to act rightly in the face of popular opposition or discouragement

Martin Luther King proving himself to be a courageous leader, giving his famous "I Have A Dream" speech and standing up for the rights of all African Americans.

The lion from the Wizard of OZ finally realizes his courage has always been there with him and he intends to use it wisely if he were a king.

Nelson Mandela-former president of South Africa. His government focused on dismantling the legacy of apartheid (a system of racial segregation in South Africa) through tackling institutionalized racism, poverty, and inequality and fostering racial reconciliation.

Mother Teresa-a roman catholic religious sister and missionary who was widely admired by many for her charitable works, but also widely criticized, particularly for her efforts opposing contraception and for substandard conditions in the hospices for which she was responsible.

Examples of being a courageous leader:

  • standing up for what you believe in/what is right
  • taking responsibility
  • speaking up
  • doing what is best for everyone else
  • being able to say no
  • taking risks

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