Living a meaningful life

People find happiness in life when they see themselves as making a difference in life. Often, we find meaning through work and relationships with our families and friends. However, you can also bring meaning into your life by helping others. Whether it’s through donating time or money, there are many ways to get involved in worthy causes.

Getting involved in a cause that brings positive change in the world can be a good way to spread the cheer this year, all while creating more joy for yourself. The following are simple ways to get involved.

Clear the clutter

Because there are many charities that collect donations, you can clear the clutter from your basement, garage, or attic and donate to a worthy cause. Many of us have cluttered homes because we choose to hold on to things for sentimental purposes. It can be easier to let go of some of these items if they can help someone else, or their sale will go a long way in providing funds to make life better.

Donate what you can

You don’t necessarily have to be wealthy in order to donate money. Whatever amount you give, if it comes from a cheerful heart, will help further research on finding a cure for a disease, feed a hungry child, or provide a blanket to the homeless. When it comes to charity, every little donation counts, so don’t shy from giving.

Ian Renner Connecticut is an accomplished set designer who regularly donates time and money to charitable causes around Los Angeles and Connecticut.

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