India: The Ravage of E-Waste

What can we do to prevent or help the catastrophy?

There are many ways that people used to help eleminate the major issue in India. First, there are companies such as Apple who optimize their product manufacturing process. They use safer materials to reduce toxins, such as arsenic and mercury. For example, Apple Co. stopped using mercury for their display screens since 2009 and arsenic for their display glass since 2008. There are other toxic chemical products that they stopped using such as polyvinyl chloride (PVC), Brominated flame retardants (BFR), lead and Phthalates.

Second, there are many companies such as UNICOR and Apple, who recycles many electronic components. For example, UNICOR recycles power supplies, insulated wires, floppy drives, CD ROM drives, circuit boards, ferrous and non ferrous metals and plastics. Apple offers many recycling programs such as giving a gift card for an old computer or mobile device.  They also offer rebates if you send them your old IPhone or IPod.Microsoft also offers a recycling in which you can exchange your old electronics device for a movie or a video game.

As for you, you can help solve this dramatic problematic by donating old devices to recycling companies or charities. It is also a good decision to buy durable electronic devices that will last longer (thus reducing the amount of electronic devices thrown to garbage).Take care of your electronics. For example, dust litteraly kills a computer. It blocks the airflow, thus preventing the central processing unit (CPU) from cooling. To prevent this, you can use a dust cleaner to clean the dust stuck inside your computer case. Here is how to do it:

Avoid overclocking your computer ( raising computer's clock speed) since it will reduce your computer's lifetime, although it is not a common thing among computer users. Do not keep your electronic device turned on for a long time if you are not using it, as it will reduce, once again, the lifetime of your computer or your television, for example.

-Hassaan Bahsoun

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