Buzz and the Beast

In the land of Candy Kingdom lived a man named Buzz. Buzz was the strongest and buffest man in all of the land. Although he was feared and frowned upon by many he was a teddy bear type of man. Buzz refused to eat the fattening substances the land was made of, and he stuck to vegetables and herbalife drinks. Buzz never associated himself with the people in the village, he was far too busy working on physique.

In Buzz’s mansion of weights he heard the phone ring. In shock of someone actually calling the beast of the man, he answered.

“Hello?” said buzz.

“Hello, Buzz? This is the secretary of the Kingdom, Mr. Sugar. Im calling in request.”

“ Yes? What would be the request be Mr. Sugar?”


“No im afraid I haven’t”, said Buzz

“Princess Sydnee has been taken by the Sun King! If we don't have her powers to keep the ice cream cold the whole kingdom will melt! We need someone to rescue her, there is a reward offered to anyone that saves her! You have a choice of money or marrying the beautiful princess”

Buzz thought to himself for awhile and decided that he could use the money for a new weight set.

“Alright Mr. Sugar, I’ll accept your request, and set out tomorrow”

“Oh wow. I'm much appreciative of this, I will send you someone to help you pre..”

“Goodbye Mr.Sugar”

When Buzz got off the phone with Mr, Sugar he started to gather his belongings for his journey to the Sun King’s castle. He packed days worth of Herbalife drinks, and three workout circuits to alternate on different days. He put his Nike Free Runs, and his purple running tights in a pile next to his bed bed for the next morning.

Waking up to the sun in his face and the candy birds singing, Buzz jumped out of bed. He put on his Nike Free Runs, and his purple running tights and set out on his journey to save the princess. Buzz traveled first down the Candy Cane trail through the forest to get to the main part of town. Buzz’s weight lifting mansion was far outside of the main part of the Kingdom. He chose to live the more quiet lifestyle away from all of the negativity and stress that could be harmful to the body. He quickly got out of the Candy Cane Trail because his speed and stamina were so great. He got into the big city of the Kingdom. This is where most of the common people spent their daily lives. When you entered the city you could see the castle that sat on the humungous Ice Cream Everest in the distance. He dreamed of the award he would receive when he returned the princess home.

He went down the chocolate covered road to Mr. Sugars house. He figured he better stop by for last goodbye, and word of advice.

“Buzz I’ve been expecting you! Come in, Come in!

“Oh Mr. Sugar I really shouldn’t stay, i just stopped by to say goodbye”

“No no, come in. I have something for you”said Mr. Sugar

Buzz walked into the house and watched Mr. Sugar walk his plump self to a large orange mixing bowl. Mr. Sugar walked around the wooden table that the mixing bowl was on. He was dumping in ingredients left and right. Then all of a sudden a cloud of pink dust appeared. The dust whirled and twirled into three scoops of ice cream. There sat an ice cream man with the bluest of eyes and little ice cream cones as arms.

“I’m going to name you Pip!” said Mr. Sugar looking at the lively ice cream “Pip here will be your guide and help on your way to the Sun Kings castle” Mr. Sugar said to Buzz

Buzz looked at the small ice cream figure and became annoyed. I am the strongest and buffest man in this Kingdom, and I can do this on my own. That small thing will only slow me down. Buzz thought to himself.

“I don’t think I’ll be needing that” Buzz said.

“Oh no no, but you will need him Buzz. Be patient and goodluck! See you soon!

Buzz frustrated and confused stomped out the the house back on to the chocolate covered road. With a large grin on his face, Pip followed the angered man.

“Wow you walk pretty fast”, said Pip.

Buzz didn’t answer and had no intent to anyways.

“Alright.. Well I’m Pip!”, said Pip with a giggle.

“Look Pip, I don't need your help. I can do this on my own! All you are doing is slowing me down, But if you..”

Buzz was cut off as Pip tackled him!

“Shhh,” said Pip, “Do you hear that?”

The sound of faint voices and marching were approaching. Pip and Buzz rushed to the wall that surrounded the forest.

“Give me a boost!” said Pip to Buzz

Buzz quickly lifted Pip up on his shoulders

“What do you see up there?”asked Buzz

“Buzz.. It’s the Sun Kings army. They have tree elves pulling the cannons and catapults!”

“Thats probably why they are coming here! Pip, we’ve got to find a catapult”

“We’ll have to wake the tree elves out of hiding” said Pip,

Pip started to dance and slide around the trees. Little balls of green sherbet floated down from the candy trees. When the balls opened up they had little faces and fury arms. Pip started talking to them in a language Buzz did not understand. Buzz knew that the tree elves had a power of building things, but what he didn’t know was how fast they could do it. In a quick five minutes the tree elves had built two large catapults and ammunition.

“Alright Buzz we are ready!”

Pip and the tree elves stood next to the catapult ready for action. They put the large ice ball in the catapult and fired it when told so. The ice ball went over the wall and hit the fireballs that made up the kings army. Buzz, Pip, and the tree elves shot three more ice balls to defeat the group of fire balls.

“There is going to be tons more of those when we get to the castle” said Buzz

Pip turned to the tree elves and explained to them what was happening. Buzz still didn't fully understand what he was saying, but he got the jist of what was going on. The elves got in a huddle and started to discuss what they would do about the situation. The elves agreed to help, but decided they would need more of an army to defeat the Sun King. The elves quickly got all the army together and they set out on their adventure to the castle. The elves knew a shortcut, but they would have to get passed the evil forest.

They soon approached the dark forest filled with gum and sticky candy. The only way over was to fly, but Buzz was so heavy that the all the fairies had to carry him. There was no way for everyone else to get over if all of the fairies had to carry Buzz, so he came up with an idea.

“Since I’m so strong, I’ll just throw you guys over the forest. I’ll throw pip over first to make sure he got over then the rest of you will go over!”

Pip had a frightened look on his face, but he knew he would have to go over for them to get to the castle. Pip flew over the forest and so did the rest of the army. Finally, the fairies flew Buzz over the forest. When Buzz landed everyone was staring in one direction. He looked up and saw it, the castle was covered in fire army.

“We’re going to need a game plan” said Buzz.

The army snuck up to the castle as a group, but Pip and Buzz would soon split off and sneak through the back of the castle while the rest of the army distracted everyone. They had tons of catapults and were ready for battle.

“Are you ready Pip?” asked Buzz.

“More than ever” responded Pip

They snuck around the back of the castle with only a few guards around. Pip jumped out and started dancing and singing. While the fire guard started running towards Pip, Buzz jumped out and Superman punched him down. With the help of Pip they managed to destroy the other two guards. They ran up the steps and through the the hallways. There she was, Princess Sydnee. Wow, she really is beautiful. Thought Buzz.

“We’re here to save you Princess!” said Pip who jumped out of nowhere and brought Buzz back to reality.

“I’m so glad you came! I thought i’d never get saved!” said the Princess in panic and distress.

“Hahaha not so fast, Buzz”

Pip and Buzz turned around, It was the Sun King. He shot a fireball straight at Buzz, but Buzz with great reaction time rolled out of the way. Buzz and the Sun King took turn firing shots at each other while Pip was trying to unchain Princess Sydnee from the lock the King was keeping her in. Suddenly whoosh a fire ball went right through Pip’s middle. Buzz stopped in fear of Pip melting. During Buzz’s late reaction the Sun King built a wall around Buzz with fire.

“Good try Buzz, you really did try to save her. You just weren't fast enough”

Just as the Sun King tried to destroy Buzz the rest of the army busted through the window with their catapults and filled with ice and water. The Sun King started to melt, and Buzz broke through the wall of fire and ran to the princess. As he unlocked her he looked over and saw the a puddle of ice cream that was once Pip. Buzz started to cry soft tears. The princess saw the sad look on Buzz’s face and she used her power to freeze him back together. A pink dust whirled and twirled together as Pip came back to his lively self. She walked outside of the castle and froze the whole kingdom back to normal. She whistled a soft tune and flying polar bears came to the castle. Princess Sydnee, Buzz, and the tree elves hopped on the sled and flew off back to the city. Mr. Sugar was there waiting for Buzz’s arrival with the princess, and the town cheered for the heroes. In the end Buzz realized it was love at first sight, he didn't want the money he wanted the princess. Princess Sydnee and Buzz got married, and Buzz used his old mansion for a gym so the whole Kingdom could use it.

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