The Jews During Crusades

Made by: Elizabeth w

This is the star david and also the Jews symbol.

Answers to the questions about the Jews:

1) Why was Jerusalem important to your group?

       Answer: Jerusalem was so important to the Jews because they were always seen as the holiest city for the Jewish faith. The reason for this is the Jerusalem is was the site for the main temple of the Jewish faith. The city was known as the center of faith due to being the site of the main temple of the Jewish faith.

2) The reason for the crusades based on your groups point of view.

     Answer: During the crusades, throughout Europe, thousands of Jews were given the choice between conversion/ baptism and death. As a result, tens of thousands of Jews died and were executed by the crusades when they overtook Jerusalem.

3) The effects of the crusades on your group.

    Answer: Before the Crusades had practically a monopoly of trade in Eastern products. When the connection between the East and Europe became closer, it brought about the Crusades raised up a class of merchant traders from the Christians. This caused the sale of goods from the Jews more frequent.

4) Your groups prospectives of other groups

    Answer: They dislike the Christianity due to deifying a man and it's also implicated in centuries of anti-Semitism. The Jews also have shared their beliefs with other world religions, like monotheism with Christianity and Islam.

Pictures explaining my answers:

1) This is the temple that the Jews were fighting to get to.
2) These are Jews, the ones with the very dark beards.
2) The Jews also wore crowns on their heads.
3) The trading process.
4) Jews didn't like the Christians.

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