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What is Jenny doing?


Are you aware of what's going on outside of your classroom? I know we are so absorbed in what we do for our children day in and day out, but let's take a moment to celebrate the successes and innovations of our colleagues. Walking up and down these halls, I HEAR and SEE such amazing things. You guys are working your tails off for these kids and it shows!

Corum's use of whiteboards for formative assessment.

Our math teachers are turning their classrooms upside down to engage these kids. Talk about change...Bolton, Corum and Partrick have literally branched out into a million different directions regarding their teaching strategies. They have included formative assessments with whiteboards and Socrative. They have been chunking their material (teaching in small chunks...not throwing away :)), giving mini-assessments, and utilizing small group instruction, not to mention tutoring after school on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. We give a warm welcome to Mr. Jay Townsend who has joined the team. Mr. Townsend is teaching Power Math and tutoring after school as well. When you see them, give them a pat on the back, and encourage their students to take advantage of all these resources and try their hardest in Algebra!

Bolton's students using three ways to take notes (paper...whiteboard...iPad).

Mrs. Lindley...our teacher of the year!

We are so proud of our colleague, friend, and role model, Suzanne Lindley...Florence Freshman Center's Teacher of the Year. Good job, Suzanne! You deserve the recognition for your hard work, dedication, and love for your students.

Mrs. Lindley is currently serving on the calendar committee, and she has placed three drafts in your mailboxes. Please look at them to determine which one you like best.

Latin Root Vocabulary Program

We have gotten great feedback from these kids. Have you been saying these words? (chirp, chirp, chirp...kidding) I know Mrs. Lindley has!

Please remember to try and emphasize the root of the week and the word of the day! Next week the root is "clam" or "claim," meaning "to cry out."

Tuesday - acclaim

Wednesday - proclamation

Thursday - reclamation

Friday - clamor

Our winner last week was Noah Wagnon! Yay, Noah! Remember, I'll post the contest via Socrative every Friday. The students can access it from Career Prep in Edmodo.

Noah won some ice cream! I chronicled this event by taking a picture!!

Wordle for Next week

Here's a happy! 34 students had their iPads unrestricted because they brought their grades up!!

Mr. Winston! Cottage or factory?

Always innovative and vivacious, Mr. Winston entertained (while doing some amazing teaching) his class Tuesday with his airplane lesson demonstrating the pros and cons of factory manufacturing. He divided his class into two groups: cottage workers and factory workers. He then gave out instructions on how to fold a piece of paper to make a paper airplane. The factory workers completed the task through an assembly line; one person completed the same step and handed it back. The cottage workers had to complete the entire task per person. To make things even more interesting, the factory workers were quickly fired for performing poorly, and the cottage workers were randomly assigned situations that hindered them from completing their jobs (pregnancy, broken bones, sickness, etc.). The outcome was perfect, and it accurately illustrated Winston's point about how factories quickly squashed the cottage system of manufacturing goods during the Industrial Revolution. The lightbulbs were popping up in that class!! Good job, Mr. Winston!

Below is a picture of Winston evaluating the airplanes from each group and below that is a short video.

She's baaaaaack!

Whitney may have just had a baby, but she's not slowing down! Mrs. Sexton comes back fully energized, as demonstrated in her innovative lesson about our basic freedoms. Do all groups have the right to display a religious statue in a public place if one group does? Honors students got the floor and were permitted to take a stand and express their opinions.

English Teachers using newsela.com

I sent some information to the ELA and history teachers about newsela.com and have gotten some good feedback. Here's a student in Brent McCoy's class reading a current events article matched to his Lexile score.

"Why I like newsela.com...because it is about things happening now not like in the past. Newsela helps me keep up in the world. It also helps me read better."

Chandler Malone

Click on the picture to learn more about newsela.com.

Mrs. Dale is leading an Edmodo Seminar!


Your academic leaders received a chart regarding the recent benchmarks at their meeting on Monday. Each department is to look at the data and choose two or three standards that need to be revisited this nine weeks. Please send any suggestions to your academic leader. These charts need to be turned into me by next Friday, January 24th. Please keep in mind that the third nine weeks benchmark test is due January 31st.

Next week

Next week is a crazy one...The middle and high schools have had some technical issues with testing, so we all need to be patient and smile...

Monday - Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday

Tuesday - Performance Series Testing for Reading

Wednesday - Hobbit

Thursday - Performance Series Testing for Math

Friday - Performance Series Testing for Language

The following Monday we will have our data meetings. Please be prepared to bring your class data. If you have any questions about how to generate these reports, ask your academic leader or me.

That's not all...but...

If I haven't lost your attention yet, I'm about to, so I'm wrapping it up until next time. Please keep the following in mind:

1. Coming up, every teacher will choose a formative assessment to showcase. We all learn best from seeing others in action.

2. I'm working on some PD for Nearpod. Let me know if you're interested.

3. I'm still waiting on some input for our shared academic vocabulary. Once I get my chart complete, I will publish it so that we can all be on the same page with our words and terms.

4. I will have the FFC Most Wanted out tomorrow after I have all their pics.

WHEW! I'm ready to go home! You all are great! Thank you for letting me buzz in and out of your rooms. I love what I do because of YOU!!

I need to brag about you!

I love this faculty and I want to see what everyone is doing! I'm trying to get into everyone's rooms. My schedule is crazy, just like yours, and I know that some days just do not work. Please let me know when there is something you want me to see. If I did not include you on here it's probably because I didn't have good pictures or because I'm waiting until next time!

I also want to be available to cover YOUR classes so that you can go observe others. Watching is SO powerful.

What is TAckk.com?

I used Tackk.com to construct this newsletter. Last time I used Smore. Here is some more info on Tackk. This could be a valuable tool for your students!

Tackk allows you to customize and edit your message the moment you visit the homepage. Simply click and start typing. There is no login required. It's just like tacking a flyer to a telephone pole. Tackk about that bike you have for sale. Tackk about your engagement and your big day. Tackk about your band's upcoming gig. Tackk about your family vacation. You can Tackk about anything. You control the look and feel of your Tackk, who to share it with, and even how long it lives. So what are you waiting for?

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