Made by: Carla, Arabela and Alba

If you love your shoes more than your way, doesn't matter to walk

Use light bulbs because they're last longer and are more efficient

Reuse organic waste and so you can also use as fertilizer

Use clothes bags and not to use plastic bags... it's obvious!

Separate waste as there are some products take 30 years and others 4000 years

Don't waste paper and landscapes were more like this

"If the paper is bigger and more white is most expensive for the nature"

If you burn less hydrocarbons, you burn more calories!

if your project re-uses small glass will do great things

The contamination makes than the wind is more slow

Consume natural products and your health will thank you

Why do you sleep with the light on? For consume?

Why do you waste the water if it's our life?

I hope that one day we will not worry about the contamination of earth. It will be because all of the people recycles

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