Literary Analysis for The Great Gatsby

The Great Gatsby has many different themes and messages, but the theme that stuck out most to me is that love doesn't always prevail, Gatsby felt as though Daisy and him would always love each other and spend there life's together till death. What Gatsby thought was true love, was merely just an illusion. There are also a range of conflicts in the novel, most popular the feud between Tom and Gatsby fighting for Daisy's love. Tom attempts to break Gatsby down and questions his so called experiences with Oxford, Gatsby gives an understandable response that quiets Tom for a moment "It was nineteen-nineteen. I only stayed five months that's why I really can't call myself an Oxford man"(129). New money vs Old money, it is said that old money is more respectable. The setting is perfect for the book, New York in the time of prohibition gives the explanation on how Gatsby's wealth came about, through low key alcohol distribution. The main characters all have different personalities, Gatsby is mysterious and cool, Daisy is a dumb harlot, Tom is careless, and Nick is genuine person overall. The symbolism in the Great Gatsby can be looked at countless ways, in my opinion I feel that the green light represents hope, hope that Daisy will soon be his. I could foreshadow pretty well, for instance I knew that Gatsby was going to die after he took the blame for killing Mrytle.  

Max Winn

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