The Card Game

Story By: Elizabeth Larson Pictures By: Folder number 3

As I was peeking through the neighbor’s window I saw my friends playing a card game. Although, it did not look like they were actually playing a card game. It looked more like they were fighting. It seemed like Kim, the littlest one, was cheating. Megan, the oldest one, got mad at her because she cheated. Megan is my age, and Kim is a couple years younger than I am. I couldn’t hear anything that they were saying, but it seemed like they were screaming at each other. I wanted to stay outside and watch them through the window to see what was going to happen next because I thought it was funny.

As I was watching them argue, Kim took her cards and threw them at Megan. Megan was furious. She took her cards and threw them at Kim. All of the cards were scattered on the ground. They both started yelling at each other again. They wouldn’t stop. I thought that maybe I should go in there and tell them to stop fighting, and just apologize to each other. Then I thought that it was way to funny to stop them from fighting. I was seriously laughing my head off, as I watched them from outside the window.

Megan sat down on the ground because she wanted to be done fighting. Kim wanted to win the argument, so Kim started punching her on the head. I was thinking that it was going to far. I ran into the house and yelled, “What is going on in here?” Nobody answered me.

I told them that they needed to talk it out. There was no need for them to start punching each other over a card game. They both sat on the couch, and talked everything out. As they were doing that I went into the kitchen, and got some food. I was really hungry. I walked backed out to them with a sandwich, and I saw them hugging. I said, “Now that’s the way sisters should treat each other.”

They sat back down, and started playing their card game again. I sat on the couch while they played. I wanted to make sure that I was there with them, and not watching them in the window. I did not want them to start punching each other over a stupid card game again.

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