Juan Perón
By: Abigail Morby

1) Profile of your leader

On October 8, 1895 Juan Perón was born in Lobos Argentina. He was involved in many sports such as fencing, skiing, and boxing. Juan Perón trained to be a military officer.  He served as an attaché in Chile and traveled to Italy to observe the development of the Fascist State. Perón became the president of Argentina after joining a military group called Grupo de Oficialies Unidos to overthrow the government.  Perón influence grew when he  took post of secretary of labor and social welfare in the new regime. Between 1944-1945 Perón rose to the rank of a minister in war and a vice president. He was later elected the president of Argentina in 1946. Perón married  Eva Duarte, who became his political partner as well as his wife. After making several appearances to support Perón she died from cancer in 1952. Juan Perón rewrote the law in order to get reelected to stay the president of Argentina. Juan Perón fled to Paraguay later settling in Madrid on September 1955 because he was driven into exile by military leaders.  While in exile Perón continued to have a lot of influence on the political system in Argentina. When Perón returned to Argentina he won a special presidential election and installed his new wife as vice president. Juan Perón stayed in control for about 9 years. Perón died on July 1, 1974, in Buenos Aires.  Juan Perón's wife Isabel, held onto the presidency until a military coup removed her from power in March 1975.

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2) Audio/Visual/Artistic Element

This video talks about Juan Perón's rule as president in Argentina. Juan Perón accomplished many things while in office such as favoring the working class and nationalized businesses. He also gave women the right to vote and instituted many public works programs. Opposition wasn't not allowed in Argentina during Juan Perón's rule. While being married to Eva, Juan Perón gained a lot of the approval from the country. People believe that she had the real power, she was considered a saint by everyone. It was a terrible tragedy when she died from cancer. The country was in a turmoil when she died and Juan Perón started to lose control.

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3) Creative Piece

Dear Juan,

                I can hardly believe that my very own son is the president of Argentina. Your mother and I have always know that you were destined for greatness. When you were growing up you were very athletic and interested in many sports. When you left home after high school you headed into the military and become commander in chief. From then on you continued to grow in your involvement in the political system. After you and the other men in the Grupo de Oficialies Unidos overthrew the oppressing government in control, you became very popular in Argentina. Then you met your lovely wife Eva, who we just adored. She was a great wife and a political partner for you. We felt a great loss when she passed away from that terrible cancer. Eva was a wonderful woman who was loved and greatly praised among the people of Argentina. Son, what makes me even more proud of you is that you never gave up. When Eva died our country, Argentina, went in a turmoil and a military coup sent you to exile. Juan you continued to be involved in the political system while in exile. When you returned you were reelected and were able to serve for 9 years in total. You continued to make a huge impact in people's lives in Argentina especially women. You mother would very proud of you son, if she was still alive. I don't have to long left in this world but I just wanted to say well done for making a difference and serving our country faithfully.

Best Wishes!


4) Essential Question

How is Argentina affected by Juan Perón's nine years of presidency and his continued legacy throughout the world?