Crazy Horse

By: Brady Spears

Biography Project for Mrs. Hemry's 8th Grade Language Arts Class

There is no recorded date for Crazy Horse's birth, but interviews with his descendants lead historians to believe he was born in the year 1841. He died September 5, 1877.

Significant Events In History That Affected Crazy Horse's Life

• Colorado Gold Rush

• First Horse Creek Council Meeting

• Battle of Little Big Horn

• Growing number of whites invading Native American territory

• Camp Robinson (where he died)

Crazy Horse's Childhood

Crazy Horse was born in the shadow of a tree in the Black Hills. When Crazy Horse was three, he got the nickname "Curly" due to his long curly hair. When Crazy Horse was just  four years old, his dad, "Worm," made him his first bow and arrow. As a four year old, Crazy Horse won a shooting contest with his friends. He also did running and jumping contests.

People Who Influenced Crazy Horse's Life

• His father, Worm – originally known as Crazy Horse

• His step mom, Gathers Her Berries

• His older sister, Laughing One

• His younger brother, Little Hawk

• His wife, Black Shawl

• His daughter, They-Are-Afraid-Of-Her

Unique Facts

• As a warrior, Crazy Horse took no scalps, and refused to boast about his great deeds.

• When he went into war, he wore little or no war paint, a single feather in his hair and a small rock tied behind his ear.

• He was called "our strange one" by his people.

• He never had his picture taken and never signed a treaty.

• His final resting place is unknown since his parents moved his body to an undisclosed location shortly after his death.


• Won multiple wars in his lifetime

• Refused to sign a treaty with the whites

• Known as the greatest Teton Sioux warrior of all time

• Won the battle of Little Big Horn in 1876

• Fought desperately to save his land

Artist's rendition of the Battle of Little Bighorn (Custer's Last Stand)

What I Learned and The Theme of His Life

I learned to be honest, courageous, brave, and stand up for what you believe in. The theme of this book is that Crazy Horse lived his life being all of these things, which made him a great warrior.

Crazy Horse's Words of Advice

• Crazy Horse's father said, "we never struck our children for we love them, rather we talk to them gently, but never harshly." (9-10)

• Crazy Horse said, "we also agreed not to go looking for a fight. The Indians would stay away from soldiers if they could, but would fight if they were attracted." (105)

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