1984 Reading Log
Tessa Davis

Political System- Green

Social Structure- Blue

Changes in Language- Pink

Dreams Throughout the Novel- Purple

Part 1 Sections 1 & 2

Summary(3-5 sentences): Winston works for The Ministry(Outer Party) and his every action is watched and therefore Winston is very careful in how he acts. Winston understands that what the government is doing is wrong and he finds similar thoughts in Inner Party member O' Brien. However, Winston does not know what to do in order to stop this and ends up finding a book in which he writes down some of his experiences and admits that he wants Big Brother to die. This in itself is a punishable crime in a place where there is apparently 'no laws' and yet children turn in their parents to be put to death. Winston finds himself accepting that he will die eventually, but that he should stay alive as long as possible while continueing to write in the book.

1 quote: "It was impossible, in spite of the endless arrests and confessions and executions, to be sure that the Brotherhood was not simply a myth" (Harcourt 27).

2 questions: How can people be supportive of such a system if they aren't completely controlled(takes a couple years before those who commit Thoughcrime are arrested)? Why does The Party have such hate for the Jewish people?

Learning Station #1-Matthew

Observations: He looks tired has like zero expression. Coughed in his elbow. Looking at other people's iPads. He is not smiling. Looks at the paper. Adds to conversation. Smiling/laughing at something someone says. Scratches his face. Laughing at something on the other's iPad. Coughs again. Looks at paper. Types on iPad. He is wearing dark clothing.

Summary: Matt is tired but has a sense of humor and is interested in what their purpose in this activity is. Matt's fidgetty and is doing what is needed of him in this activity while adding to the concersation. He does not like bright colors.

How I felt: I felt really uncomfortable doing this but at the same time I felt like a ninja. All in all this was fun, but I really don't want to do this again.

Part 1 Sections 3 - 6

1984 accurately describes some of the more clandestine parts of the modern world. George Orwell illustrates the power that the government has over the people in that the people are possibly being watched at all times. The trick is that the people have no idea when or if they are actually being watched, but there is always the fear that their privacy is being breached. There are also indulgent people in both governments that do not dare to question the government and allow the government to think for them. The government has the power to quell people who go against their teachings as is shown through North Korea and Russia. Both governments exhibit their power with no compunction for the people who may get hurt. People of both the modern world and the world in 1984 are willing to do anything in order to gain a higher position in society. However, North Korean kids turn in their parents just to get more food whereas in the business world people may blackmail others in order to gain that person's position. Although both versions of betrayal are very different, those who commit the crime remain callous because what they are doing is what the government has taught them and they believe this to be correct.

Part 1 Sections 7 & 8

1-Why doesn't Winston become a prole if they seem to have more freedom then him?

To even think of doing such an act is cause of suspicion. The idea that someone from the Outer Party would want to have less than what they have proves to the Tjough Police that they are not acting like they should be. Everyone of the Outer and Inner Party agrees that "The proles are not human beings," (63). To someone of the Thought Police, there should be no reason as to why Winston would want to be part of such a drearry group and would allow for the Thought Police to come to the conclusion that Winston is questions the values of the government.

2-Why does Winston start questioning the Party now?

3-Why does the Party make the telescreens cost a huge amount of money if they want control over the whole population?

Part 2 Sections 1 - 3

Julia and Winston's relationship is an outlet. There is no real love in this relationship, yet without Julia Winston would surely lose hope. Winston thinks, "At the sight of the words I love you the desire to stay alive had welled up in him..." (122). The idea that someone felt love, which is not promoted by the Party, for him gave him a reason to keep going. Winston found someone who had similar thoughts and ideas about the Party in Julia. There is no love, but simply compatability. Winston has someone who he can talk to, learn from, and test his theories on. Julia views this relationship as fun and, although she may possibly love Winston, her idea of love seems purely physical. This relationship between Julia and Winston revolves around their hate for the Party and their physical attraction. Both have different opinions on how they should live their lives and what they should do to let their anger out. For instance, Julia is not apposed to killing someone she does not like, whereas Winston realizes that that would be avoiding the problem, not fixing it. Winston has no one besides Katherine to compare Julia to, and while Winston wants to improve life, Julia only cares to have fun. This relationship is purely to satisfy their physical needs, and to test out their mental ideas and theories about the Party.

Slogan Activity

For my slogan I chose War Is Peace. This slogan is a method of the Party to keep their people from rebelling. The idea that war brings peace is simple in that, once the war is done, each Party member will have anything that they will ever need. Giving their people this hope, the Party is assured that they can continue their government system without any interference.

Part 2 Sections 4 - 8

Sec. 4 Quote: "'In this room I'm going to be a woman, not a Party comrade'" (156).

Sec. 5 Quote: "But she only questioned the teachings of the Party when they in some way touched upon her own life" (167).

Sec. 6 Quote: "By sharing a small act of thoughtcrime he had turned the two of them into accomplices" (172).

Sec. 7 Quote: "They can make you say anything-anything-but they can't make you believe it" (180).

Sec. 8 Quote:"'You will always be in the dark. You will recieve orders and you will obey them, without knowing why" (189).

Summary of Perpetual War Article

The illustratation of Oceania's government is complete control through war. The USA is not far behind in this illustration. The doublespeak of War is Peace is used daily and the wars conducted by our presidents never seems to end because our leaders consider these wars 'just' because they say they are fighting for human rights. Propaganda is readily accepted by the American people and they allow themselves to have their rights restricted. The unending wars instill fear in the people's mind and the government uses this in their favor to take more control of their people.

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