A Day Of Fun

Poems of Life
By: Arianna Silva


The day is new
The sky is blue
The grass is green
The children are lean
The sun is hot
The ocean water is not
The warm sand heats my toes
And the hot sun burns my nose

The cat is furry
It is orange striped
It has a long tail

My ball is purple
It bounces very nicely
Watch as it bounces

Her jacket is cool
It has shiny sparkles
It glows in the dark

The world we live in

The world we live in is full of surprises
Like the gift you wanted for your birthday
Just when you think you have it under control,
it comes crashing down like a ton of bricks
The next day as you wake, you see blue skies
Clear as the ocean water
Birds singing happily as the sun glows like a fireball
Suddenly your mood is reversed
You begin to sing your favorite song
It's a great world we live in


Nature is so unique
It has so many qualities
Its beautiful, charming and colorful
Its filled with animals and plants
The birds flying, flowers blooming,
Everything is perfect
All the water flowing, and the lovely scenery
Nature is a beautiful thing

Struggling Sailors

Struggling sailors take a while,
to sail the scary sea
Slowly reaching the sea shore,
They strap ships to the board walk
The struggling sailors don't seem to notice,
The scary sea squirrel staring at them
The scary sea squirrel seizes their ships
And the struggling sailors are stuck on the sea shore,
With the scary sea squirrel

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