Pooper 3000 Super Edition

Steven Jackson: Chris Sprung: Justin Miller: Eric Leiberman

Our objective was to move a balloon with a flying SuperMan. We are doing this because we accidentally inflated a balloon for our sister's birthday party, even though she told us not to. We have to move the balloon before she finds out or mom comes home.

A Rude Goldberg machine is an intricately built machine to complete a simple or easy task. usualy these machines are made out of different kinds of simple machines, like levers, pulleys, inclined planes, screws, wedges, and wheels and axels. Rude Goldberg machines are a great way to show some comcepts in physical science. First off, simple machines are part of our curiculum in physical science. Also these machines show how energy works. It is a great example of energy tranfers and the kinds of energy that are in place during the machine's cycle.

Our Blueprint and Blueprint Review were turned in as a hard copy.

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