In 1981 International Business Machines (IBM) introduced Computers for Personal use.  

In 1984 Apple unveiled the Macintosh with 128 K.  It was the first Macintosh to be used.

In 1986 the company (IBM) developed the first megabit chip.  It stored 1 million bit of information.  

De Lorean DMC-12:

In 1981 De Lorean Motor Company produced the De Lorean DMC-12.  It featured the "Gull Wing" door..  This was popular because it was shown in the movie "Back to the Future".  

Space Shuttle:

In the 1980s America's first reusable Space Shuttle was shown.  


The World Wide Web:

Hyper Text Transfer Protocol (HTTP) was invented in the 1990s by Tim Berners-Lee.  He invented HTTP and HTML making it possible for the internet to become a personal domain. This led to web pages and URLs, without this internet wouldn't be where it is today.


Uses - music, videos, photos and data

it was invented in the mid 1990s and was available to the average consumer.  These took over right away and replaced the video-cassette players.  

Hubble Telescope:

It was launched in 1990s and named after Edwin Hubble a world famous astronomer.  NASA launched the 1st telescope to orbit the earth.