American Revolution  

BY:Carson Peters,Davis Green,Tristan Hunter,Kaif Hashmi

Key players.

American- George Washington, Ben Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, James Madison

Britain-kg3, and General Cornwallace

What was the cause?

That the British was putting acts on the Americans and they disagree and this stared in 1744 and end in 1768 and when it end the Americans won there freedom.

When did the revolution occur?

It stared in 1775 and ending in 1783 with many battles with this war for the Americans can win the freedom for the Americans. The Americans want this to be like the French revolution.

What brought the revolution to a end?

That the Americans defeated the British so we get are freedom form them because we beat them in a war.

What was the short term affect?

That there army is very weak and can be easily taken over again and they will loss there freedom. For are govmenaet we got check and balances, democracy etc. form this win.

What was the long term affect?

That today we have the songster army that will fight for are freedom so we can keep and the army will died for freedom and they still do to this very day?

key qustines

1. When did the American Revolution occur?

2. Was Britain a key player in the evolution of the colonies?

3. How did the British tea party effect the revolution?

4. How did George Washington help the Americans win?

5. How did the American Revolution affect our country today?

6. Who wrote the deceleration?

7. Where was the deceleration written?

8. What year was the deceleration written?

9.How many American Colonies were there that went to war with Great Britain in the American War of Independence?

10. When was the U.S. Constitution formulated in the United States?

Hears a video about the american revolution


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