Michael Anderson

by Mekhi Odjidja


Michael Anderson was brave, nice, self-confident, and a hard-working man. He was a diligent and an accomplished astronaut. He was also a role model to kids and his two daughters.

What Was His Early Life Like?

Michael Anderson was born on Christmas day in 1959 in Plattsburgh, NY. He decided and thought of Spokane, Washington as his hometown. His father was in the U.S Air Force. Michael dreamed of flying in space as a kid and to fly planes. When he was nine years old he watched men on the moon. He had three sisters, where he built moon houses for his three sisters’ bardie dolls. Michael graduated from Cheney High School in Washington. He joined the Air Force after high school.

What Was His Adult Life Like?

After the Air Force, he went to the University of Washington and graduate with a major in Physics and Astronomy in 1981. He went to school at Creighton University in 1990, where he got his masters degree in Physics. This is when he was stationed in Nebraska. He was the pilot of Looking Glass. He had a wife named Sandra Hawkins where they raised two daughters. He gave speeches to students. He became an astronaut in 1994. He worked for NASA. On the Columbia shuttle he worked for 24 hour days in two alternating shifts. He was killed when the Columbia broke apart during re-entry on Feb 1, 2003 above Texas.

Greatest Accomplishments

Michael Anderson dreams and awards happened, this is all of them. Michael’s dreams came true and he finally went to space. He was the first black person to visit the International Space Station. He did 80 Science experiments while on the Columbia spaceship. Michael was in space over 593 hours. He logged over 3.6 million miles in space. He got the Congressional Space Medal of Honor, the NASA Space Flight medal, the Distinguished Survive medal, DDSM from NASA. Michael also worked on prostate cancer research. He also became a coronel for the US Air Force.