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U.S allies launching more airstrikes in Syria

Summary of story/link:

The U.S and a few of its Arab Allies bombed 12 of the Islamic states oil refineries controlled by the terrorist group in Syria. The U.S said that the bombs were targeted towards the the infrastructure around the oil platforms and other object that are important to the refinery. Most of the oil refineries have been taken down and the two Arab allies did the majority of the bombing. The U.S also provided a surveillance aircraft.  The strikes were a continuation of the border military campaign that began against the militant group. It is said that the U.S had conducted at least 20 places in Syria.

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Ideals related to the story:

The American Ideals of this news story are Opportunity and Democracy

This article represents a lack of opportunity because the since the U.S bombed Syria, now they have to rebuild their country. Also, many people who worked at the refinery lost their jobs. The news story also represents Democracy because the U.S government planned to go their and bomb Syria with their. Now, the Syrian government is going to have to figure out how to fix the country after the bombing.

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