Arabian Peninsula

Tips and Guide

1. The Desert

If you were to travel through the desert the camel is most recommended because of it's hump it stores more water so it can travel very far with a  sip of water. They also carry your items for you.

2. The Oases

This is a pond of fresh drinking water in desert.  It forms because water was trapped underground and it seeped to the surface.

3. Coastal Plain

It rains regularly so no need to worry about how dry it is. It also has natural harbors for boats. It is a flat area of land by the ocean or sea.

4. Mountains

It gets moist winds from the Indian ocean so there is not dry air. People adapted to living on the mountains by carving into it to make flat areas so then they can plant and farm on the side of the mountain.

This is the type of farming they use in the mountains, its called terrace farming.

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