My Most Treasured Happines.

By: Danielle McCullough


When I think of God, I think of happiness beyond anything I have ever experienced and a love deeper than any other love possible. I couldn’t say that God is my source of happiness, but knowing that he is there silently listening to me, being there for me, makes me happy knowing that I have someone other than my family or friends who understand and care for me. Knowing that I have someone outside of the human world that will forever be there with me, looking out for me and holding my hand when needed. This God is always there hoping to make me smile and laugh on my worst days and even on my best days, he wants me to be happy and not sad or angry, he wants what is best for me to do well in life along with enjoying it. He wants me to smile every day so, that I can know he is there, he wants me to bask in the light that he gives the world, and he wants me to sing and dance on the rainiest days. Everything gift that God gives me shows me that he is there. Whenever I am down and a ray of sunshine touches my face that is him reaching out to me, whenever I am angry and want to be alone, he sends one of my siblings to my room, smiling and trying to make me laugh, and whenever I am crying or in tears, he sends someone to hold me tight and never let me go.