Emily's Life:

Born: Amherst, Massachusetts on December 10, 1830


               Parents: Edward and Emily Dickinson

                    Edward Dickinson - Attended school in both Amherst and Yale.  He was a                             young lawyer. He also served a few terms in the Senate, Legislative, and                                 Congress. Payed little attention to his family.

                    Emily Dickinson - Very is little known of her. She did attend school of Manson                     Academy and seems to have been very well educated.

                Siblings: William Austin Dickinson and Lavinia Norcross Dickinson

Education: Emily attended a one room primary school in Amherst and then later moved to  Amherst Academy. It is evident that Emily truly loved the school. While in school Emily studied botany. It has been noted that her study has paid a great role in her poetry. After reaching the age of 15 Emily transferred to Mount Holyoke Female Seminary but she only stayed in that school for a year.

POEM ONE -- At half-past three a single bird

I chose this poem because it is spring time and we are hearing the birds every morning.

Rhythm: Iambic tetrameter and Iambic trimeter

Theme: Birds are beautiful creatures

Connection: You can relate this poem to The Ministers Black Veil because they both involve solitude. While the minister was pretty much rejected by society the little birdy flies around early all alone.  

Romanticism: This poem focuses on nature as well as the romantics.

AT half-past three a single bird

Unto a silent sky

Propounded but a single term

Of cautious melody.

At half-past four, experiment

Had subjugated test,

And lo! her silver principle

Supplanted all the rest.

At half-past seven, element

Nor implement was seen,

And place was where the presence was,

Circumference between.

POEM TWO -- Within my reach

I chose this poem because I feel like everyone can relate to it. There are so many things in life that we are closed to doing but never do.

Rhythm: Iambic Diameter and Iambic Trimeter

Theme: Once a moment is gone, there is no going back.

Connection: This poems can relate to the Gettysburg Address because it emphasizes how the people need to take advantage of the moment they are in now so as to not regret the future.

Romanticism: This poem does not go by the rules. Emily felt free to do as she pleases in writing it.

WITHIN my reach!

I could have touched!

I might have chanced that way!

Soft sauntered through the village,

Sauntered as soft away!

So unsuspected violets

Within the fields lie low,

Too late for striving fingers

That passed, an hour ago.

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