Side by Side

What is Side by Side?

Side-by-Side is a split screen app that allows the user to multi-task by opening two or more browsers at the same time.  You can browse webpages, download files, watch videos, and take notes.  

When  working on a webpage or PDF document on your  iPad, you might need to access a dictionary, a notepad, your email inbox, your facebook updates, an IM tool to chat with your friends, or a youtube video. This app provides you plenty of possible ways to organize your iPad screen.

How can I use Side by Side in my classroom?

There are many ways you can use the Side by Side app in your classroom.  Below are a few examples:

- Researching a website or watching a video and taking notes (either in the notes within Side by Side app, or in Google Docs)                                                                                                                       - Looking at a presentation and taking notes                                                                       - Looking at a website and a dictionary at the same time                                                    - Comparing and contrasting two documents or websites                                                  - The possibilities are endless

An Example from my classroom

Learners were working on a test review.  They were able to open up the notes presentation along with the review.  They could then copy the review and paste it in the notes page.  Now, they can work on the review while looking at the notes presentation at the same time.  If I wanted learner's to collaborate on an activity, they could have one browser open with a video, notes, or website, and the other with a shared Google Docs form.

Screenshot of Notes Presentation next to Test Review

Screenshot of Notes Presentation next to Test Review copied into notes within      Side by Side app

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