Christianity Now Legal in
Roman Empire

By: Chase Szweda

A church in Rome

Rome 313 A.D.- After recently becoming a Christian himself, Emperor Constantine makes it legal to be or become a Christian freely. Christians throughout the Empire are currently rejoicing or setting up buildings to worship in.

Many Christians are starting to minister to the abundance of people throughout the Empire. most of the Christians are in the areas with the most population like the city of Rome and Constantinople. Christianity is currently in the countries of Italy, Israel, India, Greece, and Spain.

Many major churches have been built in the important cities. Christianity is slowly spreading from the heavily populated areas and into the country side.

Arch of Constantine I Built

By: Chase Szweda

The Arch of Constantine built in Rome

Rome 315 A.D.- After the recent victory over Maxentius during the Battle of Milvian Bridge, the Roman Senate have built the Arch of Constantine I. This triumphant arch was erected in between the Colosseum and Palatine hill.

This masterpiece was built using parts of other monuments. This arch spans the Via Triumphalis, the way taken by emperors when they enter the city in triumph.

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