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Great White Sharks
More examples of biotic organisms are
-clown fish
-sword fish
-sea turtles
-sea weed.
And lots more.

ABIOTIC organisms
- lots of water
-the sand at the bottom of the water
-the caves underwater
-some sunlight at the top but towards the bottom barely

Carrying Capacity
-refers to the balance between the availability of habitat components and the numbers of animals can support

Resources that are needed for a population to survive

-some need sunlight
-most need shelter

The shark's population changes because of their surroundings and their food source. Although there are tons of things sharks like to eat,they aren't always able to find their prey

Limiting Factors

Limiting Factors-anything that affects the survival of an organism in an ecosystem

A Predator/prey relationship                                                                                                                Shark/fish relationship- limiting factors that effect them, is the fishes food sources  

Energy roles

Producers-algae,seaweed                                                                                                                      consumers-fish,squid,sharks ,octopuses,carnivores,herbivore,omnivores,scavengers

Algae gets its energy from the sun,krill gets energy from its food,some fish eats krill and takes  the krills energy.

The energy producers role in the energy transfer is they start the energy transfer in the food chain and food web

Food Chains and Food Web

Food webs are more realistic because there isn't just one type of animal eating another animals

some fish eat algae,some krill eats algae,some fish eats krill,sharks eat fish,some fish eat other fish,sharks eat fish,killer whales eat fish and sharks

If you take fish away from the ocean than lots of sharks and other fish eating animals would die off

Trophic Levels and Energy Pyramids


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The reason behind the pyramid is because the higher up in the levels there is less energy  to get.

The reason producers are at the bottom of the pyramid is because(the biggest) is because  they have more energy,The reason top predators are at the top because they don't that much energy


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