Pathway Project

Help Desk Secretary

Throughout this project I did plenty of scanning, organizing, and answering phone calls for the Help Desk.


I scanned every student's, three binders worth, Student Responsible Use Policies which were put into an Excel spreadsheet.  Connected to Akelman's Google account which allows him to search students, keep track of fees, damages, and payment plans.

Akelman has been hard at work on the Help Desk website.  I have been helping him put in instructions, aligning the website, and making it more appealing.


Initially, I thought being the Help Desk secretary would be fairly easy, and it was for the most part.  Although, it's kind of boring and I don't think a secretary would be a fitting job for me.  I had planned to organize the Help Desk and put things in order because it's a little messy and could use a little help.  When Akelman presented the website I though that was a great way to inform the people of what were actually doing and help instruct people in the future on the basics of Help Desk.  I will continue working on the website with Akelman.  It gave me a new perspective on what secretaries actually have to do.

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