Exploration Proposal

By: McKenzie Davis

I will give this to the king and queen when I get back from my lovely adventure.

The reason why you should let me go to the new land is because I will bring you tons of gold when I get back from my trip. You will never regret sending me to the new land. I will find new land and new people.  I will look for the resources you tell me to find until the day I get back. I will find different types of fabric, gold, silver, and objects that are worth tons of money in England. I will also give you shiny gold for you to make a new crown for you and Queen Elizabeth ll.

This would be an example of some silver I would bring back to King James ll.

I'm would like to come back on May 3rd, 1678. I'm hoping to find gold, animals, people, land, clean water. I'm not sure what I am going to name this new land I seek. It needs to be something that describes the new land.

If we get a bad sea storm, I will have equipment to help save everyone and save the ship or boat. At the max, there could be 300 people, but at the minimum, there could be less than 10. I will have enough beds and food to supply us for about 5 months. If you send me over, I could help pay for all this equipment.

If you send me over, I would promise you I would give you gold, silver, and cures for diseases. If the people over in the new land won’t cooperate, I would try to persuade them. I'm going to be collecting everything you want me to bring back over to England. I would need about 10,000 dollars to complete this trip.

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