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My journey through oubishing filled with problems, realtionsjipos, and truimphs

Yearbooks "class" picture

Class Picture

In this picture, we all smiled and and held in our laughs as we carried Mrs. Lobdell!   From left to right (top to bottom): Kay King, Sydney Smith , Jeremiah House, Kelyn Perales Garcia, Sophia Helsing (me), Jenna Ehman, Lily Schwarz, Naiomi Roesrick, Mary bloomquist, and David Chambless

My Relationships

Leah, Jenna, Kay,and Kelyn were the friends/relationships I had in publishing as we smile to take a picture during class. Each of these girls helped me in a way, either if it was to help finish my page, or help me on how to work the program I enjoyed getting to know them!

More friends

Some funny faces by Kelyn, Leah and me as we come together and hug in the HS hall. I made great relation ships with these two girls and they are still my friends now

Lifetouch was the program that our publishing class used to complete and make the pages.  There were ups and downs of using this program. But in the end we made a strong yearbook, and was definitely a step us from last year!

Getting pictures

Me and Jenna going out and taking pictures of the fun run for yearbook


A problem I had to go through was all the deadlines and information that crowed this board. Plus getting together which pages each of us were going to do. Starting my very first page was a struggle as well not doing this before and not knowing what a cool layout would be

student life page

This is my student life page for this years yearbook! I spent a while on it, but I was proud that it came out looking good. I had some help from Kay king and Jenna Ehman to help me finish the page and getting pictures but it looked good in the end and was finished on time. I accomplished my many goals in finishing my other pages as well this is just one example

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