Rwandan genocide

    When rwanda was first being settled upon, people had cattle and soon the more cattle you had they would call you a Tutsis. The rest of the people were called Hutu, until europeans came and “colonized" Tutsis and Hutu into racial groups. Later years after when Germans lost ww1 they also lost their colonies. So Belgians came and took over Rwanda, making everyone get IDs to officially give the two races "separation". Following that the Belgians gave the Tutsis all the power in the government Making Hutu's mad. the Belgians change their minds and gave the Hutu the power of the government. The feuding went on for years.

The Rwandan genocide took place in Rwanda, Africa. on August 3, 1993. For very long the Hutu had full control over the Rwandan government. This all changed when President Juvenal Habyarimana signed an Arusha Accord, letting Tutsis be on the staff in the government. This action made Hutu extremists very upset.

   Almost a year later on April 6, 1994 President Habyarimana was returning home from Tanzania. When his plane was shot down by a missile Over Rwanda's capital city of Kigali. Everyone aboard died in the crash. After this act of terrorism Hutu extremists began to target all the Tutsis.

   Hutu's put up roadblocks around the rwandan country, stopping everyone to check id's to see if they were Tutsis. If they were, they would kill them on the spot and leave their body for everyone to see. Hutu extremist would kill them with machetes, clubs, or knives. They would even look up names and addresses of the Tutsis people and go kill them. Hutu people ran the government so no one could stop them or seek help.

   The Hutu extremist left 800,000 Tutsis and Hutu “sympathizers” dead, but this 100 day genocide ended when the RPF(Rwandan Patriotic Front) gained control of Rwanda. They were a trained military group of Tutsis who were exiled to Uganda many years earlier. In mid June RPF entered and slowly took over the country. Killing all the Hutu extremist. Ending the genocide.

(RPF) Rwandan Patriotic Front

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I liked the. Way you told the story. Although there were some spelling errors.

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Work on your punctuation but you told the story well