Did you know that Egypt is one of the top Islamic countries in the world. The education in Egypt is not as well as other places . Also Egypt's most common religion is Muslim. Also Egypt's population is 85,294,388 . I will tell you some very interesting facts about Egypt.

First is Egypt's education. Egypt doesn't enforce the attendance in schools. There are more than 16% of school-age children that did not attend school. Also you are only required to do a 9 year cycle. As you can see Egypt doesn't really push for children to attend school.

Next is Egypt's religion the most common religion is Muslim. Being Muslim is being a follower of Islam faith . The percentage of Muslim is 90% in Egypt. There are other religions in Egypt like Coptic which is 9%.also there are other Christian groups, but the percentage is 1%.

Finally is Egypt's population. Egypt's population in 2012 was about 85,294,388.Egypt is a very populated place it is ranked number 16 in world population. About 99.6% of the population is Egyptian. Egypt is a wonderful place that is why they are so populated.

In conclusion Egypt is a very popular Islamic country. Since it is a very popular place it is very populated. Although in Egypt the schools are not as good as other places in the world. Since it is one of the top Islamic countries it is home to many Muslims. I hope you enjoyed the things I have told you about Egypt.

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