By AC and Evelyn

Reasons to read Science Fiction....

- Have a very entertaining book also with advanced technology and something's in the future.

- Have you heard of the famous book called "The Hunger Games?" It's a very popular science fiction book and everyone is reading it. The author includes a lot details involving science fiction like the future and human warnings of how North America could fall into ashes, uprise a new country, and have starving people while the Capitol watches people manslaughter each other.

- I personally LOVE Science Fiction because of all of the great graphics and images of the future to be, and has a lot interesting, unknown inventions/ events.

- You will benefit from reading ANY science fiction books because you might foresee the future and learn a little science at the same time.

Even sci-Fi robots LOVE the beach and surfing and playing in sand.
Aliens can help you cook! Would you like your brains raw, or cooked?

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