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Apps for Elementary Students

1) A Life Cycle App: Provides information on the life cycles of a variety of different things. It covers many topics that are found in the elementary science curriculum. This comes in handy because it can break down information that may be viewed as complicated into something simple. The information is provided in child-like terminology and the app also provides a narration. For example, if I was teaching my students about the life cycles of plants/photosynthesis/pollination I could split my students into groups and give each group a different life cycle to research through the use of this app. The groups would go through the information that is given to them on the app and be responsible for presenting their life cycle to the rest of the class. I think this app would be great because often times students are broken into groups to go through a part of a textbook and present that information to their peers and this follows the same idea but is much more interactive.

2) Reading for Inferences: This app is meant to help students with their reading comprehension. Students can read an excerpt on a variety of different topics and then answer questions about the reading. The app also offers different programs that also have different levels. I think a way that I would use this in my classroom is potentially for something like guided reading or to provide extra practice to those students who need more help with their reading comprehension.

3) Made Math Lite: This app allows students to work on subtraction, addition, division and multiplication. Each user is able to keep track of their stats on this app which is good if many students are going to be using it. It provides students with feedback on which topics they may be struggling with as well as shows them the progress they make. An example of how I would use this in my classroom is actually based off of something I experienced during my IPT. A couple of students in my class really struggled with math and would often just sit at a different table and either work on questions from the textbook or on questions that I would make up on the spot. I think this app would be helpful for situations like this because in a normal classroom situation there is only one teacher and he or she cannot always bounce between making up questions for a couple of students while still teaching the rest of the class a full lesson. I would provide those students with iPads to use when it is time for them to practice their skills. I think it would be more motivating also because it is more interactive and also provides them with a progress report so that they can see how well they are doing. This would not substitute the teacher's role in their learning but it would help make things a little easier.

4) Polldaddy: This app allows you to create a poll that you can add to a class blog/wiki. This app would be extremely useful in a Social Studies when learning about democracies. For example, while learning about a democracy you could run elections within your classroom for different positions (for example, minister of technology, minister of decorations, etc.). I would then create a poll for each position and allow the students to use it to vote. This would then open up the lesson to explaining why and how people vote and help the students better understand a democracy and how it works.

5) FirstWords: Animals: This app is meant to help students develop an understanding of letters and how they work together to form different words. It has different levels and is very interactive. In my class I would use this for students individually, pulling each student aside during different parts of the day and having them walk me through the game and showing me their understanding of the letters, their sounds, relationships and the words that they make up.

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