Atmosphere Asante

Atmosphere has for layers and they all have diffrent jobs that help protect make make earth better place.

The atmosphere is on the outside of the earth in space and protects us from the sun rays and metorites but also keeps air/oxygen inside for us to breath.

"The troposphere is the lowest portion of Earth's atmosphere. It contains approximately 80% of the atmosphere's mass and 99% of its water vapour". Troposphere is where we live where our body's are diesgned to cope with where our home is.

Mesophere the third layer in the earths atmosphere it protcects us from metorites and gets colder as u get higher.

stratosphere the second layer in the atmosphere above the tropshere and below the mesosphere it protects us from the suns rays ozone layer is found in this layer and it gets colder then warm as u go higher

Thermsphere is The last layer on the earth since its the last its the closest to the sun therefore its the hottest and thats where the beatiful northern lights are in.

northern lights:''The northern lights, one of several astronomical phenomena called polar lights (aurora polaris), are shafts or curtains of colored light visible on occasion in the night sky''.That can only be seen in alaska

  1. "Earth is believed to have formed about 5 billion years ago. In the first 500 million years a dense atmosphere emerged from the vapor and gases that were expelled during degassing of the planet's interior. These gases may have consisted of hydrogen (H2), water vapor, methane (CH4) , and carbon oxides".

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