Roman Empire Expands
By Jack Broadhurst

     ROME, ITALY-Romulus, killed his brother Remus, just to make a small city state named Rome. But little did he know it would become one of the most powerful empires known to man.On this 50th anniversary of the fall of the roman empire  Augustus the first leader of the massive empire, said to Tiberius, "Make the empire bigger, make it better."  And that is what all of the rulers did to the roman empire.  The empire really started to expand towards the end of the fifth century. We also look back at our 5 great rulers, Nerva, Trajan, Hadrian, Antoninus Pius, Marcus Aurelius. It is hard to believe that such a massive city state could become a massive empire, yet there were some awful rulers. For example, Domitian was thought to be so harsh, he would even kill his own friends if he got mad at them or they disobeyed him.  One of the main reasons that it was so successful was of its military. Who some people say is the most powerful army general, Julius Caesar said,"I came, I saw, I conquered".  The empire really started to fall because barbarian forces started to attack Rome and eventually the roman army got weaker and weaker. Just like many deaths of living humans, the death of the roman empire was long, slow, and painful. After the empire had totally diminished, the land was taken over by the Turks, but that is for  another story.  

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